Trinity Circuit Logo

The Trinity Methodist Circuit contains 17 churches spread across three counties – Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Our churches are gathered around two market towns: Retford to the east and Worksop to the west.  in and around Retford we work in Covenant partnership with the Church of England.  The Crossing Church in Worksop is jointly a Methodist and United Reformed Church.


Trinity Circuit Mission Statement

Our Vision

The vision of The Trinity Circuit is to be known as an inspiring
and enabling agency in the work of our Churches’ mission.

Our Mission

The mission of our Circuit is to be a partner in the lives of
our Churches with their communities and ecumenical partners,
in their work of Christian worship. service and outreach.

Our Policy

In Worship we will:

  • Uphold the importance and value of worship by offering support to develop the worship we offer.
  • Encourage congregations to actively ensure their worship is relevant.
  • Assist congregations to offer worship which inspires a growing number of people.

In Discipleship (learning and caring) we will:

  • Assist congregations in leading people to faith in Jesus and then nurturing them in that faith.
  • Encourage people to meet together for study, prayer and fellowship.
  • Offer inspirational guidance about growing in the faith.

In Service we will:

  • Encourage people to be good neighbours in their community.
  • Encourage people to challenge injustice.
  • Encourage people to use their resources to support the Church in its mission to the world.
  • Ensure ministry is offered in collaborative, innovative and supportive ways.

In Mission (evangelism) we will:

  • Provide training so that we can all express our faith effectively to others.
  • Encourage churches to consider their mission as something to be done in partnership – particularly with ecumenical neighbours.