Sunday 25th April

This week’s worship takes the form of ‘Spiritual Communion’ – this is a practice where we entrust ourselves to God in prayer, asking that God might give us spiritually the same grace we share when we physically receive Holy Communion. Thanks to Ann and Simon for taking part.
The service also includes a Godly Play story and a prayer using a finger labyrinth – you might like to print out this labyrinth and use it in a similar way.

District Service for the Sunday after Easter

Our worship has been prepared by Local Preachers from the Sheffield District. The Preacher is Bob Bartindale Ministry Development Officer for Worship and Local Preachers in the Connexional Team. You can download a copy of a transcript of the service here
This recording was made before Prince Philip died, here is a prayer which we would have included if we were meeting face to face:
Lord God
We give thanks for the long life of Prince Philip, for all that he has contributed to our nation and beyond, and for his support of our Queen. We pray that he will be at rest trusting in the grace of God.
We remember before you Her Majesty the Queen and her family praying that they will know your comfort and strength in the days to come.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prepared by The President and Vice-President of the Conference

Alleluia, Christ is risen

Our service for Easter Day has been prepared and led by members of the Circuit Staff and is an opportunity to enter into the experience of that first holy week and the mystery of Easter Day.

All of our Holy Week resources can also be found in our virtual prayer room.
A big thank you to those who recorded ‘Now the green blade rises’ for inclusion in this service.
Thanks too to those who have sent photos of the crosses and wreaths, with symbols. Some of the images are included in the service as well as pictures of the cross covered in ribbons for display outside The Grove today and the cascade of flowers made to decorate the outside of Whitwell Methodist Church.